How do you bring to life a ground-breaking marketing technology?

How do you bring to life a ground-breaking marketing technology?

The overview

Rebrand for Wearisma, a technology platform for influencer marketing serving clients such as Westfield, Debenhams, Toms and Marc Jacobs.

The challenge

Wearisma needed to better communicate the benefits behind its platform. The startup wanted to come across as sophisticated to reflect the quality of influencers within its network.

the approach

A competitor analysis and team workshops allowed us to unearth Wearisma’s brand DNA and proposition. The new identity cues both technical prowess and inspiration in line with the intelligence of the platform and the creativity of its influencers. The website explains the product with clarity and contains three subsections serving Wearisma’s audiences – influencers, brands and shoppers.

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  • Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • UX Design
  • Website Design


Comprehensive team interviews and workshops allowed us to get to know the startup from the inside out. We engaged everyone on the team in the process, resulting in a brand that reflects the team’s values and ambitions. 

Tee & Frost are one of the most highly accomplished design and branding teams Wearisma has had the pleasure of working with. From conception to implementation, Siobhan and Miriam take the time to understand the needs of the brand so that both they and the client are happy, and that the the product outcome is achieved to the highest standard.
Jenny Tsai, Founder & CEO